RUDY: the grooviest band in all the land!
RUDY is. There is no succinct definition, just a motto: don't stop. Starting back in 1996, a group of individuals came together with the intent of jamming, having fun, and hanging out together. What started as an informal get together turned into much, much more. Evolving through the clubs and coffeehouses of the Southeastern US, RUDY became a tight-knit jam outfit, stockpiling songs out of fantastic musical hallucinations and playing them to sometimes bewildered, but always entertained audiences far & extremely wide. The core members of RUDY always gave more than expected, always played longer than thought possible, and ALWAYS gave a warm, loving hand to the fabulous people who fanatically followed them. Gaining steam at various festivals throughout Florida, RUDY won the HORDE Band to Band Combat in March of 1998, gaining a slot on the HORDE tour, as well as the 1998 HORDE Compilation CD. An oft-bootlegged band, RUDY finally decided to record a full-length album in the spring of 1998. The aptly titled BOOTY is a 13 song tour de force through RUDY's twisted brain, including "Brownies & Lemonade", which is also featured on the 1998 HORDE CD Compilation, as well as their HUGE hit "The Underpants Song", which has found a home on radio stations worldwide! And MTV has licensed the entire RUDY catalog to use on the soundtracks of "The Real World" and "Road Rules", reaching millions of people every time they air! Plus, RUDY has become a staple on a nationally syndicated Disney show called "Z Games", reaching kids of all ages! Along the way, RUDY won BEST FUNK/SOUL BAND at the statewide Jammy Awards! RUDY released their long-awaited second record SEXY in 2000 multiplying the booty shaking and spreading the love. "Cancun: The Reality Movie" and National Lampoon's "Van Wilder" DVD release both feature RUDY's funky music, thrilling audiences worldwide. Plus, Kufala Records has released a double live RUDY CD so you can experience a RUDY show in your own home. SEXY has gone on to become a funk classic and for years, fans have clammored for a follow up album. Rudy introduced new songs at live shows along the way but hadn't come together to record a studio album for far too long. Much to the delight of our new and old fans, RUDY forged ahead and created the brand new album TASTE THE LOVE, a 16 song epic melange of groove, funk, rock and of course, RUDY's twisted sense of humor. For those who waited patiently, your world is about to be grooved into submission: TASTE THE LOVE is available in hard copy and on iTunes now! RUDY rececntly toured the east coast for the first time in years, bringing their porno-funking booty rock to salivating fans from Florida to New York. 2014 will bring a whole new level to Rudy's musical mischeif. The time to rock your booty is here!

Once you've been touched by RUDY,
you'll never be the same.


Robbie "G-Nutz" Gennet- Rhodes, Clavinet, Moog, lead vocals & local tokables
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Rey "Conga" Diaz- congas, sweating profusely & feeling lascivious
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Howard "Thatch" Goldberg - drums, percolating & getting jiggy with it
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Johnny "Booty" Gobel- bass, harmony vox, sitting on his own face
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