DEC 31, 2013

Always too short and sweet~ we loved seeing all our peeps in the SouthEast and rocking into the holidays. RUDY is planning shows for 2014 to keep the grooves alive and infect the dancefloor queens and kings one booty at a time. Make sure you hit us up at our FACEBOOK page and keep in touch. As always, please spread the music of RUDY far and wide so that we may come pleasure you in musical ways. Deal? See you next year...

NOV 15, 2013

Oh boy Rudy Fans have we got a nice holiday surprise~ some funky Rudy shows for the holidays! We are playing the Atlanta,GA area on Thursday December 12th, Vero Beach, FL on December 13th (yes, Friday the 13th) and Saturday December 14th at a location yet to be announced. Check out our SHOWS page and hit us up at our FACEBOOK page to get the latest details. We can't wait to rock your booty! See you soon... xo!

AUG 30, 2013

We had a great time playing down in Florida~ love to see our hometown peeps and get those bootys shaking! We'd love to play some more shows in the near future~ keep the funk alive ya'll! See you soon... xoxoxo RUDY

SUMMER, 2013

We know it's been a little while since our last run of shows but boy do we have a doozy for you~ Rey "Conga" Diaz is moving to Asheville, NC in the fall and RUDY is playing three very special shows in South Florida to say goodbye. Don't worry~ he is not leaving the band and we will definitely be playing again soon! For now, come see us in July and wish Rey bon voyage~ dates are listed on our SHOWS page and our FACEBOOK page as well. Also, our classic BOOTY album is finally available on iTunes! Click HERE to download! Now you can get "The Underpants Song" and "Pooter" and all your favorite from RUDY's debut album~ pick it up and funk on out! RUDY's latest record TASTE THE LOVE is also available on iTunes and SEXY is coming soon~ support the band who has given you so much love and magic and we will continue to rock onward in your honor. Thanks!

WINTER, 2012

This has been a rollercoaster ride of a year but we have made it all in one piece and as funky as ever! Thanks to all who came to our fall shows~ we have two more concerts set for Atlanta and Miami in December and then we're off for the holidays to rest up before preparing the spring onslaught! Check our SHOWS page and peep the info- Atlanta 12/13 and Miami 12/15 - don't miss the funkopalypse!!

WINTER, 2011

We had such a fun time on the Taste the Love tour and can't wait until 2012, when Rudy will ride again... straight to Booty Mountain for an Earthquake of Ass! We would like to announce the release of our TASTE THE LOVE album online, for sale in hard copy right HERE or digitally on iTunes. Pick up copies for each loved one, all your coworkers, strangers on the street and members of the opposite sex who could use a little warming up! Stay tuned for more news~ support Rudy by buying a CD and spreading the love!


August 25, 2011

Well Rudy fans, this is it! We are leaving on tour and coming to rock your booty. The Taste the Love CD's are in hand and we may even have tee shirts featuring Joe Klucar's amazing artwork~ check our shows page for all the dates and Facebook for the latest news and updates. See you at the shows!

NOTE: This is the last post here~ until we get back, all other updates will be on Facebook at facebook.com/rudyband

August 21, 2011

Just posted our EPK~ help us by reposting, sharing and spreading the love! Link to us on Facebook at facebook.com/rudyband!


August 1, 2011

What since we saw you last, the four members of Rudy have been diligently working on finishing the Taste the Love record and we can tell you this: it is gonna rock your world! Rudy's third platter is a tour de force of funk, rock and humor, frosted in the Rudy wit you know and love but deep enough to groove you a new sphincter. From the anthem "Boogie Down" all the way to the title cut, this collection of songs will lift any party to the next level. We'll keep you posted on its progress and see you soon on the Taste the Love tour! More info on the SHOWS page.

February 26, 2011

What a wild time we had at our Los Angeles show! Thanks to all who came out and to Dorado for sharing the good times- we are planning our summer tour dates and hope to see you somewhere out there! Keep in touch and spread the love! xo~ RUDY

February 21, 2011

Awaiting the arrival of Rey Diaz who is on a long journey from Peace River to Santa Monica, where we will join up with brother Johnny Gobel to unite in the name of Rudy! Our Wednesday night gig at Molly Malone's in Hollywood is going to be a fun and raucus gathering of booty-bumping, groin-grinding hispters, featuring not just a full set of Rudy faves but an opening set by Johnny's groovy Portland band Dorado! We will sadly be missing our brother Howard on the drums, as his penis enlargement surgery went slightly awry and left him, well, girthier than planned. Until the swelling goes down, the airlines will charge him for an extra seat, even though he tried to convince them that it was "carry on". Then the rep thought he said "carrion" and that he had intended of bringing raw meat on the plane, which is kinda sorta correct... anyhow, you get the picture. Luckily, the swelling will go down in time for the release of our long-awaited third studio album "Taste the Love" and we'll be setting up some big fat Rudy shows to celebrate! For this one gig, we've tapped our buddy Ryan Brown for the drum seat and he's been practicing his clitoral paradiddles to nail that "Howard feel". And the drums too! See you soon funk fans~ 2011 is just getting started and we're ramping up the good times! PS- don't forget, we've repressed the classic "Sexy" CD and it's available now right HERE!


December 8, 2010

Getting the new album dialed in, and it's a doozy! We're all tremendously excited for you to hear it in 2011. Check out Robbie's story on the making of the record, which is posted on the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robbie-gennet/before-you-can-taste-the_b_790716.html Join us on Facebook as well and stay current on all the latest Rudy happenings! See you soon...


August 20, 2010 ....Like 4/20 only Four Months Later

It has been a long time since we last updated our site and did anything official, which is why we are so glad to be updating our site with something official! Rudy is back in action with a brand new album in the works and a gig around Halloween down in our old stomping grounds in South Florida. Rudy is booked Friday October 29th at Tobacco Road for three magical sets of musical mayhem! We have also been recording our long-awaited third studio album Taste the Love which will be available as soon as we can cram all this fantastic funk onto one CD! There are brand new songs as well as official versions of some of our live crowd favorites such as "Doin' Time," "The Shit," "Howard's High," "Stick It" and a little "Leche Caliente" for those with fine taste. We know that Booty and Sexy both raised the bar to a higher level of funkiness, which is why we are making sure this new record stands up to your own high standards of getting all funked up!

More soon~ you can check out our blog at http://rudybooty.wordpress.com/ or our myspace page at http://myspace.com/rudymusic or just come on back here and see what's up! See you soon~ get ready to RUDY!



Jan 1, 2005
LONG LIVE THE ROAD DOG- R.I.P. Dec 30, 2005 - We'll never forget you.

may he rock eternally.....

Dec 13, 2005
RUDY CAME! And boy did we have a good time! It was great to see the whole SoFla crew out in funky force to groove and grind to the sounds of Rudy. Thanks to Don Cohen for promoting, to Dar and Verneena and Joe for making things extra-special, and to all our friends and fans for being such great people and celebrating with us. You never know when the next show will be so in the words of Wee Willie, "Get Some Before It's All Gone"! We'll have tees and pics up soon- in the meantime, pick up some lovely Holiday gifts on our MERCH page and continue to rock on~ much love to ya!

August 30, 2005
RUDY IS COMING! We have booked the 10th Anniversary show for Wed Nov 23 at the Downtowner in Ft. Lauderdale and hope you'll make it out to party with us! Check the SHOWS page for more info and check back soon~ we have more shows on the way! See you soon~!

August 15, 2005
Listen for singer Robbie's newest songs at www.myspace.com/robbiegennet ! Rudy drummer Howard is playing on the track as well. Spread the love and rock it out!

August 3, 2005
Get your calendar clear for November~ RUDY's 10th Anniversary party will be announced shortly!

June 29, 2005
Listen for Rudy's "Booty" and more on the new Real World: Austin on MTV!!

May 19, 2005
As we recover from some massively funky Rudy shows, we give thanks to our superduper fans who came out and rocked their booties to the max! We'll be back for a 10th Anniversary Tour later this year, so stay tuned and keep your Pooter clean. Also, Howard, Robbie and Rey did a hysterical uncensored no-holds-barred interview on the SMUT DOCTORS radio show- sign up (it's free) and listen/watch the mayhem~ it's worth tracking down- you'll laugh your asses off! Keep in touch~ see your funky ass real soon!

May 5, 2005
Holey Moley- it's on like Donkey Kong! Rudy is coming to Florida to shake your booty all over the place! Be prepared for musical mayhem from the original four- Robbie, Howard, Johnny and Rey! You'll hear your old favorites as well as- gasp!- new songs! Could a third Rudy album be in the works? Stay tuned~ and go get all the info on our SHOWS page! You can see the flyer HERE - get ready to rock it out~! Rudy loves you :-) PS- Don't forget to join Rudy at Myspace to keep in touch with the Rudy community~ the web address is: http://www.myspace.com/rudymusic and we even put The Underpants Song and Pooter up there for your listening enjoyment! Rock it out and spread the word....

April 20, 2005
Happy 4-20 everybody! We hope you are celebrating in the kindest of ways. Speaking of celebrating, Rudy is preparing an onslaught of bootified funk and roll in Florida next month~ confirming dates soon, so far it looks like May 11 & 15, so mark your funky calendars! More soon as the news comes....

Feb 3, 2005
What's up, you hornswoggling corndogging bjorn-borgling turd-burgling pickle-sniffing bonesmugglers! How's the funky trunk fulla junk known as your rudified Booty these days? Are ya missing the insidiously lascivious jams and ass-grinding grooves of your favorite band Rudy? Well, we miss you too- we miss the way you grind your behind like peanut butter, the way you squat til we can see sunlight and they way you do the rump-shaking earth-quaking knee-shaking bump with your humplumpers! Ok, we admit- we made that last word up. However, if you can give us a good enough definition of a "humplumper" we'll send you a special surprise. Unlike last years surprise, this will not be Rey's used underwear. Get your sniff on elsewhere! Do console yourself with some damn fine music and goods from RUDY, avaialable now on the MERCH page~ and have a great day~! See you on the spring "Assmasterblaster" tour...

Dec 3, 2004
Thank you all so much for the outpouring of love at our Florida shows in November! The crowds treated us great, and we threw it down old school style. Extra thanks to Dar for helping coordinate, book and promote, and extra thanks to Frank Ward for sitting in and bringin the funk. We'll post pictures soon and hope you'll keep in touch and keep rockin the RUDY!

Nov 8, 2004
Holy moley, where did the time go? So much has happened yet our minds are a fog... but what we DO know is that RUDY is coming back atcha for a pre-Thanksgiving blow out! That's right~ we are gonna do it to ya down in South Florida- all the info is on the SHOWS page so check it, bros! There is even a special secret show at the Joint in Miami on Nov 17 to warm your cockles~ the Blue Balls are being held in W. Palm and Ft. Lauderdale and there will be much mirth and merriment~ come one, come all!

April 30, 2004
Funky fans everywhere rejoice~ RUDY is back! After a long hibernation capped by a celebratory 4-20 holiday week, RUDY answered the Bat Call to reunite and rock out down in sunny Florida. Conga player Rey Diaz rolled in from NASA, where he is doing experiments on the effects of spaceflight on flan. Bassist Johnny Gobel popped up with a cup of expresso and, though he refused to tell us where he's been, he smelled a lot like chicken. Drummer Howard Goldberg arrived after a grueling tour of duty fixing deep wedgies on South Beach, and we can't seem to get him to stop smiling. And singer/keyboard player Robbie Gennet jetted in from California where he was giving private wax jobs to Disney characters. The four members of Rudy passed the peace pipe and called Delicious Dar, who promptly booked us into some of the finer venues in South Florida this Spring. All the info is on the SHOWS page, and if you are anywhere on the continent, you NEED to be there! After all, RUDY is there for you~ and we still remember all the love you're hiding in your fine Pooter underpants! So get ready to blast off and wet yourself with sweat~ RUDY'S COMING!

Dec 17 , 2003
Well, here it is weeks later, and we're just coming out from our beds! The Bootyquake was outta control, and if you were there, you know! Three slamming sets of bumping funk plus a lot of asses and you've got yourself a Rudy party! Highlights included Joe Klucar's fabulous turn on the trombone, plus Frank getting onstage and ripping even with the flu. Great to see everyone dancing and having such a good time. Pictures coming soon! In the meantime, we're all working hard to make the next stage of Rudy a special one. Now go out and funk, you little devil!~ Rudy's got your ass covered...

Nov 18 , 2003
Well, the bubble has burst- RUDY will be performing on December 8th in Ft. Lauderdale! That's right- our lovely model Dar will be hosting RUDY at the soon-to-be-extremely-funky Last Call and there will be a bootyquake of epic proportions for sure. Check your booty at the door! FOR MORE INFO, CLICK HERE.

Nov 5 , 2003
Something bubbling up in funkyville- looks like Rudy will be working their magic in Florida soon! We can't wait to rock you out and about. Get ready to party! More soon... check back!

Oct 9, 2003
Well, we have finally recovered from the Rudybusters show, and MAN it was cool! If you were there, you knew that already. If not, take heart- there will be more Rudy action soon! Until then, check out our CD's and tees and ROCK ON!

Aug 18 , 2003
Hey bootyfans~ after a sweltering summer with no action, the oiled and pumped musical machine of Rudy is playing a special show in September featuring Famous Frank Ward of the Knucklebusters on the electric guitar. The show is billed accordingly as The Rudybusters, and we'll be jamming all night long, oiling and boiling the hundreds of booties in attendance. Well worth the drive! Check out more details HERE!

May 4, 2003
Yo bro! Howzit goin'? Check it out~ the RUDY song "Oil it Boil It" is on the soundtrack of "Cancun: The Reality Movie", which is in theaters now! And you know what that means~ Rey "Cornigula" Diaz is finally FAMOUS! Ladies, make a double line at his bedroom door, and please don't hold yourself back from writing those torrid and lascivious love letters to Rey HERE. For those unfortunates who are immune to Rey's brimming libido, towards the end of the movie, there is a very sexy shower scene and you will hear the orgasmic music of RUDY, no lie. That is when you will hear women in the theater begin to moan at the sound of Rey's congas washing over them like someone gave Spanish Fly to the lady in the Calgon commercial. REY- TAKE ME AWAY!!! AY QUE RICO!!! DAME LAS FRUTAS DE LAS PUTAS!!!! etc. yatta yatta

So, those who are up for the Diaz Challenge, ya might wanna jump up & run out to your local multiplexer and plex down $8.50 for a date with Rey... and RUDY! We'll even butter your popcorn! Just watch your popcornhole....

APRIL 24, 2003
Wow- well, where do we start? The Suwannee Bound fest was a great success, and we had a fantastic time shaking booty after booty across the campground. We were all impressed by the String Cheese Incident (especially their hot cover of "Jungle Boogie"!) and Live Oak was certainly beautiful. We have never seen so many fireflies in one spot! Our shows down south were fabulous~ we packed em in to Rosey Baby and laid down some serious jams- including a brand new song called "Stick It". Famous Frank Ward from the Knucklebusters sat in and a good time was had by all. The Friday night show up at Nat's Den in Boynton was a thrill ride- bikers galore, many ladies and gents groovin up the dancefloor, and the Road Dog presiding over it all! I think we played every song we knew that night. Thanks to the Road Dog, Famous Frank, Delicious Dar, and all our wonderful friends and fans. You made it special for us, and we were happy to spread the love. As of right now, we are planning our next move, so stay tuned and keep on rockin! Much love to ya.

MAR 29, 2003
Hey there- so you may notice some changes around here as we have redone our website to make it a little more groovy in case you came by (and we're glad you did!) If you haven't been to see our new t-shirts yet, click on over~ we have some outrageous new designs that will bear you well into the world! We're gearing up for the 420 fest, and have been getting tons of emails from people who are coming- to you, we say GET READY TO PARTY! Rudy's comin, and your ass is ours. See you soon....

MAR 3, 2003
Well bootyfans, your favorite granny award winning band RUDY is ramping up for some exciting shows! Howard, Rey, Robbie & Johnny will unite to lay down the bootyfunk all over Florida this spring, and we hope you'll shake your ass to our bitchin' sounds. After some warm up shows, RUDY will be performing at the 420 festival in Live Oak, FL opening for the String Cheese Incident & a host of amazing jam bands. Rudy will take the stage Sunday morning, 4/20, and begin the day- as Geddy Lee would say- with a friendly voice, and a hipthrust to ya! The Big Booty Funky Brunch (not to be confused with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch) will commence at 11am for a solid hour of unadulterated, undiluted, unleashed and universally undulated Rudy to unite the masses into a- dare we say- orgy of groove? Witness yourself the awesome power of ten thousand booties shaking, feel the wind from the spinning hula hoops, and come camp out at SUWANNEE BOUND! See you there!

JAN 27, 2003
Check out the new review of SEXY in KEYBOARD MAGAZINE~ click HERE!

JAN 13, 2003
Welcome to 2003, bootyfans- we hope you got everything you wanted for your holiday present melee and gift exchanging ritual. If in the process of your rampant patriotic consumerism, you happened to pick up a highly exciting Rudy CD or a pair of Pooter Panties and a tee shirt, we’d like to say thank you very much! And don’t forget- after you return all those unwanted presents (such as the underpants with a built in Salad Shooter that I got from Rey) you can spend your fun money on completing your Rudy collection and turning your friends on to some damn sexy music. Our holidays were spent visiting family, though Rey had a long trip to Mars (we’re kidding Rey!) and we managed to throw an underground orgy of groove at Chez Pooter on Jan. 1st in honor of our dedicated hometown crew, and some of our lost soldiers. Twisted sister Abby G rocked the crowd with brother Robbie as “The Red Stripes,” introducing some headbanging Slunt music to the ravenous crowd. Following that, Rudy took the stage to back Abby on Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” and blew the roof off the heezie!! It was squizzle dizzle, my nizzle! So that brings us to 2003, and, well, we don’t know what the hell is going on in the world. War? Does it really have to come to this? Can’t we all… well, just get along? Would it be so bad if everyone dropped their differences, grabbed hands, and gleefully sang in a loud and boisterous voice “WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH ALL THE LOVE YOU’RE HIDING IN YOUR UNDERPANTS!!?!!” Well, we can still dream. And we’re pretty optimistic, even though things are getting pretty scary out there. Rudy stands behind love as a solution to all the worlds’ problems, and hopes that love will prevail in the end. Our motto: MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!

Love is contagious, love loves to be given and received, love is always in demand, always needed, always necessary. Share it, spread it, roll in it and rub on it- love is free and unlimited. They say love conquers all, but who are “they”? They are we, and love is strong. So into the great unknown we go, with love at our side, love in our hearts… hey, let’s face it, our pants are practically bursting with love! We want to wish you safe passage through 2003, and hope to rock your ass sometime soon. Until then, keep in touch, pick up some CD’s and tees, and spread the love. It’s the right thing to do.See you soon!

RUDY, in love with you