Dec 3, 2002
Well, we've been getting tons of emails and calls regarding two of our songs appearing on the REAL WORLD Las Vegas, and we're really excited about it! Episode 8 featured the song BOOTY, while Episode 12 featured "Galaxy of Hookers"! Both songs are off of our Huge Records release called "SEXY" and we hope you have a copy on your stereo already. If you don't, be sure to go to our MERCH page and pick one up! And don't forget the new Pooter Panties and Sexy babytees, perfect for the sexiest women in your life.

We're making plans for some action in 2003~ stay tuned, spread the love, and keep rockin. Talk to you soon!

RUDY, on your TV

Oct 22, 2002
Well all we can say is WOW~ the BISCO-BOOTY BLAST was a blast, and a great success! The Disco Biscuits were fantastic hosts, and we appreciate their having us along for the ride. The hometown show in Ft. Lauderdale was packed, and we unleashed our booty rock on the moist and groovy audience. Their first dose of the Biscuits was a sight to see, and those who stayed all night were rewarded with evolutionary jams beyond their wildest expectations. The Tampa show was awesome~ hundreds of new fans coming out to get their minds blown, and some wild backstage partying. The Biscuits got Rey Diaz to hit the bottle of Jack, which encouraged Rey to get a little crazier than usual. His nude run through the parking lot surprised many innocent civilians, as well as a few stray dogs. By the time we hit Gainesville, the bands were cross-pollinating ideas, especially our own Robbie G with Aron from the Biscuits. That night, Aron came out and sat in on a madhouse version of "Brownies and Lemonade," with dueling keyboards weaving and bobbing throughout. Robbie returned the jams by stepping out in the Biscuits second set on their very excellent "Little Betty Boop" and according to Robbie, it was like riding a jet stream through the collective consciousness of a thoroughly enthused audience- perhaps Marc the bassman's super spleefs had something to do with that.... Our last night in Tallahassee was superb as well- we were having such a fun time together, though we knew it was all over after tonite. As a farewell gesture, both Aron and Jon from the Biscuits came out and sat in on "Brownies and Lemonade" to blow any minds that had yet to be fully cracked open and explored. That jam goes down in the highlights of Rudy's live history, and we're still reeling from the experience. RUDY returned from the tour and played an underground show Saturday in Ft. Lauderdale for a badass group of fans, friends and dancing freaks. Some of the Bisco rubbed off, and we stretched out in previously unexplored directions to the delight of everyone in the house, as well as running through the rarely performed classic "Right Now". Much thanks to Jason Rosner, our bassist for the tour and a damn fantastic player. Also our soundman and producer Brian "Mister Gribs" Fitzpatrick and our fearless lighting director Saucy Scott deserve kudos for great work and super attitudes. Thanks too to Marvelous Mike Ricci for fixing the Rhodes and saving me from murdering my keyboards. His new restaurant is called Audy's Place, and should be open by the time you read this. If you're ever in Ft. Lauderdale, go get some good Cuban food and say hello!

As you may have noticed, we have finally released our double-live CD on Kufala Recordings ( so go get yourself a copy and prepare to rock! And to top it all off, we finally have POOTER PANTIES and SEXY tees for the ladies!!! It's true, and if you check our MERCH page, you can pick 'em up for yourself. We know Christmas is coming, and your granny needs to get some Sexy duds for the new year. Everything is available RIGHT NOW! Keep in touch, and we'll let you know when the next Rudy activity is going down.

love and kisses, RUDY

Sept 22, 2002
Exciting news, RUDY fans~ we are inking a deal to release the first ever RUDY LIVE CD! It's true, and wait til you hear it~ a double-disc show from Florida 2000 featuring songs off both our CD's, as well as exclusive never-before-released tracks that found their way into our live shows. When we have details, so shall you. We're really excited for this to happen, as this particular show was off the hook and everything you'd expect from the live Rudy experience! And yes, The Underpants and Pooter are both on there.

We hope you're making plans to see RUDY opening for The Disco Biscuits this October all around Florida! We even have a rad new poster, courtesy of artist Joe Klucar, who loves to rock out- check out the poster HERE. And come check out the BISCO-BOOTY BLAST, happening soon!

RUDY, ready to rock

Sept 9, 2002
Well RUDY fans, we had a great time on our fabulous tour of Florida, and we appreciate all the love and support from you who made the trek to all the shows. We heard from many people that the Poorhouse show was a highlight, and we couldn't agree more. A special night that was soaked into our collective and sweaty memories. Playing outdoors on Hollywood beach was terrific, and the Culture Room was pretty off the wall too! Rey Diaz said he hasn't sweat that much since his last paternity suit, which we're glad to say, was thrown out in court. And drummer Howard's son Zachary even came out to the Culture Room to jam with Rudy at the ripe age of 3! His favorite songs are Summertime and Old School Rock and Roller, though his mother wasn't crazy about him stagediving during the latter. Though we had a great time, there are going to be some changes as we bid farewell to our esteemed bassist Johnny, who is relocating to Oregon. He's not officially out of the band, but we will have to use a replacement for him as he gets settled on the West Coast. Filling those sandals will be noneother than Jason Rosner, one badass bassman in his own right. Ros used to play in a band called Sense that tore it up down in Florida "back in the day" and we're excited to hear his dynamic fingerfunking in RUDY. And now for some big news of the positivie persuasion: RUDY will be opening 4 shows for The Disco Biscuits this October all around Florida! This special blend of Bisco and Booty will result in audience dancing that may verge on actual fornication, as hips are thrust, rumps are bumped, and arms are waved wildly in the air (along with some wicked weenies, we're sure!) So hang on tight, make your plans now, and get ready for the BISCO-BOOTY BLAST this October!!

And be sure to keep up on artist Joe Klucar's swingin' website KLUCAR.COM. His artwork just keeps getting better and better...All our merchandise is available here at Rudymusic Inc, and we hope you have your copy of "SEXY" and "BOOTY" already spinning on your stereo. If not, get some for your badass self!!

RUDY, boogieing our butts

August 9, 2002
Alright RUDY fans~ have we got some shows for you! A little TOUR of Florida, complete with all the members of RUDY and some hot Florida weather. Rey has now recouperated from his nasty boating accident ~ that's the last time he tries to "swab the poop deck" with his "yardarm". Everyone else is doing fine~ Johnny is getting married at the end of the month, and you can all offer your congratulations at the shows or by email. He and his fiance are planning a nice life together raising little bass players on a ranch in Oregon. Howard has been lactating recently- nothing important, but he wanted you to know. His recircumcision went fine, for those who asked, and you can see his battle scars during the "Naked Flaming Drum Solo". (NOTE: Howard will not be on fire- he is just, well, flaming!) And Robbie has been out in Los Angeles, picking up tips on rapping from the LBC (Lower Booty Collective) and bodyboarding nude on some tubular waves. He reports that rock and roll is alive and well, and that he's ready to fly to Florida and watch Rey eat- I mean BEAT- his congas. After he gets that hundred dollars from the bet Rey lost on whether he was the most virile man in Hialeah. He lost to some guy named Ferny, though reports are that Rey has been building his virility to unheard of levels, and will be wearing two pairs of pants for the shows so he doesn't cream the crowd.

Yo RUDY fans: please do check out artist Joe Klucar's fantastic new website KLUCAR.COM. There is a bunch of his great artwork up there, and after all he has done with and for RUDY, we hope you'll visit and say hello!

The new RUDY CD "SEXY" will be available at the shows, as will our last remaining stock of teeshirts for you to proudly wear at major social functions. And yes, you can still pick up the classic "BOOTY" CD at any time and treat yourself to moistness beyond belief. See you soon- shoot for the moon!

RUDY, getting ready to sweat

March 18, 2002
It's been a little while since we've written~ ever since Rey's accident, things have been a little hectic. What? You haven't heard? Yes, Rey had a terrible accident. He pooped in his pants on a date, and has since been in hiding. We're hoping he comes out (and washes his pants). In the meantime, we have set up a brand new site to post a ton of live RUDY music! It's true~ all the stuff from "RUDY Jams It In The Hole Vol. 1 & 2", as well as some choice live material from Skydive Sebastian and our other crazy hangouts. Hear live versions of songs from the "SEXY" CD and more by going to and entering "RUDYBOOTY". Or you can click HERE! It's that easy!
If you haven't picked up "SEXY" yet, you're missing out on a party in your pants! "SEXY" is getting around~ listen for Sexy songs on the Burly Bear college network, as well as the upcoming Real World Las Vegas series on the ol' MTV. And by all means, dance your ass off at all times! Keep in touch, and spread the word to your hippest and coolest friends~

RUDY, thinkin' 'bout that Summertime...

January 1, 2002
Sexy people of the planet Earth- you smell delicious! Well, we had such a good time at our record release parties down in Florida~ from the hookers grinding on the dancefloor in Vero to the beautiful fairies getting funky in Ft. Lauderdale, we had ladies grooving, dudes moving, and Rudy throwing down! We sold a lot of CD's, and so far the response has been amazing. We're very excited to get this disc to you so we can take over your love life and get you a little more action(we know you could use it). Please do order yourself a copy so you can be the SEXIEST person on your block. And don't be surprised if your pants fly off and you begin to wiggle and giggle~ such is the power of RUDY! To you we wish a happy 2002, and we want very much to be your valentine. May peace be in your heart, love be in your underpants, and SEXY be on your stereo!! ORDER HERE!

RUDY, sneakin' around in the alley

December 13, 2001
Greetings Rudy peeps, fans, and sexy people in general. The new CD "SEXY" by RUDY is finally about to arrive! Clocking in at over an hour- 16 slamming songs to groove you out of your pants- "SEXY" is bound to cause a ruckus whenever you stick it in (this pertains to your CD player, though to our fans, sticking it in may have a few other meanings). We're so very excited and proud to be giving birth to this long awaited platter (that's old school for "CD") and we have to thank two people especially. Our producer Brian "Tits" Fitzpatrick really pulled through and gave us a mix so creamy, we had to dry-clean our underpants after hearing the songs! Rey complained of too much starch, but we all know what THAT is... seriously, Brian- they don't call you "Tits" for nothing! Also on our short list of humongous thank you's is artist excellante Joe "Afro's and Ho's" Klucar, who's vision and visual artistry added the appropriate dressings to RUDY's superfly music. For this, we wish him fame, fortune, and a full-frontal nude photo collection of the Golden Girls (oh, that Bea Arthur!). Joe rocks, and will have his own site coming soon to the web, and our links page. And as to the members of Rudy, we are in deep preparation for our Huge release parties (Preparation H? ok... cheap shot) and plan on rocking our fans like never before. We will surely cover songs from our debut CD Booty, as well as so many of our new Sexy tracks that you will surely come to love. Or at least get laid to. Many times. And probably not with the Golden Girls, though we don't rule out Rue McClanahan. Rey has already had his way with Estelle Getty, so he's got that going for him. So ladies and gentlemen, please order a copy of "SEXY" right away- it will ship after the Xmas release date, and start your new year with one big sexy BANG! ORDER HERE!

RUDY in the Bootycave, deep beneath Fredericks of Hollywood

Halloween, 2001
Ah, memories of past Bootyruckuses, and merry mirth and mayhem... well, here we are at the long awaited relaunching of RUDYMUSIC, and the soon-to-be-released RUDY CD "SEXY", which is sure to go down in your music collection as the longest-awaited follow-up CD of recent years. And what a year it has been. Since the last RUDY show in January, members of the band have been busy with other projects. Howard and Johnny are playing in Garagestar, and have had good success both live and online, where one of their songs hit the top of the MP3 charts. Rey Diaz was busy jamming with Zona Franca as well as the esteemed and far out Noodles on Jupiter, starring Noodles herself amongst a host of loveable characters. And Robbie moved to Los Angeles, where he has been working on his own music, as well as touring playing guitar and keyboards for the rock band Everclear. However, amidst all of this, somehow we lost track of the the second Rudy record. Since the band had finished recording it back in January, it was hermetically sealed in a mushroom jar and it accidentally rolled under Rey's bed. Attempts to locate the lost recordings by acclaimed Rudy scholars and tribesmen of Hialeah were unsuccessful until... one night not too long ago, Rey lay in bed, covered in a starched blanket and the remains of a delicious pollo frito. As he lay there asleep, his hand slowly draped down over the side of the bed and began twitching as he dreamed of naked girls in the Dominican Republic and very sticky brownies. All of a sudden, with a force not unlike Luke Skywalker, the jar rolled into Rey's hand, ready to be found, opened, and released. His joy upon awakening set phone lines ringing across the country, and much rejoicing was planned. Senior Rudy officer Brian "It Fits" Fitzpatrick was called into duty, having served long and grueling months under the iron pinkie of Herr Malmshteen, and accepted the charge with a grin so wide, his head nearly split in half. Since then, he has been holed up in the studio, feverishly mixing the record in a frenzy of funk and an orgy of groove. From time to time, Howard and Johnny and Rey bring him a snack, or some water for the bong, and the light at the end of the tunnel is now getting very bright indeed! We're hoping that "SEXY" is ready for release in time for the holidays, so you can stuff someone's stocking with the gift that keeps on giving- a vial of Rey's sweat! Ok, not that. The new CD "SEXY" by RUDY, coming soon.... to you!

RUDY on the Planet Pooter